Pure competence in air.

The entire range of SCHAKO developments and products aims to produce healthy, clean air for all the different worlds of work. Our HVAC components and system solutions help people who work indoors to remain relaxed, alert and capable of doing good work. Our knowledge and expertise from 90 years of work into good air have made SCHAKO a specialist in customised solutions for ventilation, air conditioning, soundproofing, control, fire safety and smoke extraction challenges in industrial or public buildings.

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Breathe the difference!

If you have specific room situations and particular HVAC needs, SCHAKO is exactly the right place for you to come.

We are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of HVAC components and systems. Whether for fire protection & smoke extraction, air/water systems, feedback-control devices, acoustic insulation systems, open-loop control systems or air outlets – our products create healthy, clean and safe air in working premises. Also, in challenging environments such as large catering kitchens, laboratories, the process industry, underground garages or tunnels, the vast array of our standard and specialist HVAC components really comes into its own.

You see, our strength lies in finding customised, smart solutions for all our customers’ situations and challenges. Drawing on the in-depth knowledge available across the SCHAKO Group of companies of the behaviour and distribution, closed-loop control and cleaning of air, SCHAKO produces efficient products, systems and solutions that help to sustainably improve the room climate, and to enhance safety with its smoke extraction systems.

The good air experts:

SCHAKO Group and its members are global providers of ventilation, air conditioning, fire safety and smoke extraction solutions.

Your experts for energy-efficient ventilation in the process industry, tunnel construction and car parks.

Your experts for air purification systems in canteens and industry.

Your experts for ventilation and air conditioning in commercial and public buildings.

Your experts for special ventilation engineering in all kinds of laboratories.

Your experts for industrial air and heat engineering in the process industry and ventilation and smoke extraction in tunnel construction.

Good air comes from competence.